新疆风采35选7开奖号 Columbia supports organizations around the world that share our passion for the outdoors and connecting active people to their passions. We believe that outdoor education and conservation efforts ensure everyone will be able to enjoy the outdoors for generations to come. Through long-term partnerships, grant funding, volunteerism, and humanitarian support, Columbia is dedicated to giving back to our communities and conserving the outdoors in a dynamic, meaningful way.

Learn more about our work in the areas of:

Youth and Diversity
Product Initiatives
Community Investment

Our grant program self-selects our nonprofit partners by working with our employees, retailers and distributors. This perspective ensures that our philanthropic investments are dynamic, locally relevant, and address our focus areas. It also allows us to reach our objective of global reach, local impact. We do not accept unsolicited grant or sponsorship requests.

Please direct any questions or requests for information to our Community Relations Department at [email protected].

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