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Corporate Responsibility

The Columbia Approach

新疆风采35选7开奖号 www.1qc6u.cn At Columbia Sportswear, we are committed to building a company of which we can all be proud – not only of the innovative products we create and the financial results we achieve, but the manner in which we achieve them. Whether it’s responsible sourcing, giving back to our communities, or reducing our environmental impact, we believe corporate responsibility is a companywide effort.

We want you to be proud to wear our products, and use our accessories and equipment anytime you step into the Greater Outdoors. Stakeholder input is invaluable to the continuous improvement of our corporate responsibility programs. I invite you to learn what we’ve been doing and participate in making our programs better by providing your feedback at [email protected]

—Tim Boyle, President, CEO, and Director


Learn about Columbia’s Corporate Responsibility performance in our most recent Corporate Responsibility Reports.

Doing Right: 2017 Highlights
2016 Update
2015 Report

Position Statements

We value ethical practices at every step in the supply chain and work with industry groups, civil society organizations and government organizations to keep educated on ethical standards and practices across the supply chain. Read more about Columbia's specific positions on:


Interactive map to show consumers where Columbia products are made.


Making products with improved social, ethical and environmental performance.


Working with vendors that share our values of fair and ethical treatment of workers, safe working conditions, transparency and sustainable manufacturing practices.


Supporting the development of common standards and tools for evaluating impact and sharing resources in areas such as audit collaboration.


Managing our operations efficiently with respect to resource use and reducing the climate impact of our owned and operated facilities.


Conserving natural spaces, inspiring people to experience the outdoors and building healthy global communities.
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